Warren Miller Dynasty Review

Broz and myself were lucky enough to catch the latest Warren Miller classic tonight – ‘Dynasty’. A great premier night was put on by the team behind WME, including giveaways and an amazing movie.

Narrated by Jonny Moseley, heĀ  does a wonderful job of bringing the story of skiers and snowboarders travelling the globe in search of unexplored terrain.
I often wonder how they come up with such amazing places and snow to visit each year that gets us in the cinemas-and they have certinaly done it again.

This year Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) is celebrating 60 years in the business. Sixty years ago Warren Miller strapped a pair of wooden boards to his feet and along with his 8mm movie camera set out to change the way people think about snow. As WME likes to put it they present the new, the old and the unknown….the steep, the deep and the unthinkable.

This year sees them visit China, Alaska, Colorado, British Columbia, Norway and more. This movie takes us back to the old, and shows how it has changed into the new all in one amzing cinematic piece.

Warren Miller’s ‘Dynasty’ – In selected cinemas now

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