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Last week Snowlife began a 3 part series on Australian snowboard manufacturers with Heresy Snowboards. Today we introduce the second in the series with Trickie Snowboards.

Trickie Snowboards didn’t have the most standard of conceptions. Good thing though because today it is far from standard in the boards they make, the service they deliver and their commitment to the snowboard industry here in Australia.

Snowlife sat down with Trickie Snowboards to find out more.

Q / Trickie’s conception is an interesting story, tell us how Trickie Snowboards came about?

Well, to begin with, Trickie was founded on one key aspect – a passion for boarding.

Back in Winter ’05, I was just a regular high school student. I had an unimaginable passion for snowboarding, mountains, white flakes, and anything else that fell between.

As part of my study, I was faced with a project. A project unlike many others undertaken in today’s schools. The outlines were that you had a designated number of weeks to learn, design, manufacture, construct, or undertake absolutely anything, the possibilities were endless. Most people chose to choreograph a dance or build a coffee table, but not me – I had better ideas. Out of my crazy untamed passion for snowboarding, I decided well in advance of the project that I would manufacture a snowboard.

At the point I had made the decision, I was at work. I immediately began researching process, materials, designs, techniques, and the equipment needed to build a board. My teachers and peers were amazed, the project hadn’t even begun yet and it was already taking up my every thought. About 12 months later, come the time the project was ready to begin (and all the other kids were only just beginning to think about it), I was ready to roll.

Sure enough, I pulled it off. The end of the project came and I walked away with a brand spankin’ new hand made snowboard under my arm. The sense of accomplishment was unreal, I had aimed way ahead of the rest and came out the other end feeling on top of the world. And this was only the beginning.

A few months (and a winter season on the new board) passed, and I was flocked with comments and compliments on the new board. The feeling was amazing, so I didn’t stop at one. Using my background in graphic design, I drew up several more board graphics (some of which are used on today’s board range) and began production of more and more boards under the Trickie Snowboards name.

For a year or two, I was building boards for friends, relatives, and anybody else who showed an interest. I finished high school and began to study Business Management. Trickie grew steadily over these years, and more and more boards got out on the hills.

The past year, Trickie has been on a roller coaster ride of growth. It released a full product catalogue just in time for the 2009 season, and has made it’s product range available to retail outlets. We have several other crazy plans we are about to put into place that are sure to change the face of Australian snowboarding, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Q / What rider level do Trickie boards cater to?

Trickie Snowboards current range mainly caters to Intermediate riders of all riding styles.

Our development team has been hard at work on putting together a brand new range of boards that cover the entire field, from beginner level all mountain boards to full-blown advanced level powder, park or piste specific boards. These new boards are likely to include fresh graphics, and all the latest snowboard design and manufacture technology.

Q / Explain the range, are Trickie boards developed with specific riding styles in mind such as park or powder, or a more all-mountain setup?

Trickie’s boards are built to be able to do everything. However the do come in a range of shapes and designs to suit different styles of riding.

For example, we have Twin-Tip shaped boards (Motley and Untitled), which are much better suited for the park, as they are easy to spin around and assist with riding switch. We also have directional boards (Edge and Bliss) where the tail is slightly fatter than the nose and the bindings are set back for better comfort and ease on long, fast, sweeping turns.

The new Trickie range will consist of several new boards that are specific to different riding styles. It will include park and powder specific boards, as well as regular all-mountain models.

Q / There are board models, but tell us about Trickie custom snowboards?

Snowboarding is a sport where individuality is recognised, but due to most boards being mass produced it is near impossible to show it. We have solved this problem by introducing a new type of snowboard line. Custom Snowboards.

Trickie custom snowboards are exactly as the name suggests, Custom. We can create any board you could possibly dream of. Everything about them is customisable, from graphics to board shape.

Q / What makes a Trickie board different from the rest? Do they utilise any new or upcoming design technologies?

There are two things which set Trickie aside from the international snowboard manufacturers. The first is the fact that we are all Australian, our company was born here, and it will continue to build here forever. We feel that we need to contribute as best we can to the future of both the Australian snow industry and the Australian manufacturing industry. We never plan to leave.

The second is our ability to create custom snowboards. We are one of only a select few companies worldwide with the ability to create a customised snowboard. This is something we pride ourselves on.

Q / Reverse Camber seems to be the latest trend in board design, what are your thoughts on Reverse Camber? Any plans to introduce a Trickie reverse camber?

You’re right, Reverse Camber and Banana is the next big thing to hit snowboarding. Reverse Camber boards allow much greater maneuverability in the park, while not sacrificing turning ability on the rest of the hill.

Trickie plans to introduce a whole range of different board shapes in the near future which includes all of the latest snowboard technologies. Reverse Camber and Banana Technology are key highlights in this fantastic new range.

Q / What makes an appealing board design?

A snowboard needs to be bright, colourful and funky. Snowboarding is a crazy, fast-pased, fun sport, so board graphics need to reflect that.

Q / Where can people find Trickie Snowboards?

There are a number of ways people can find our boards. The most obvious way is via our website,; where you can find all information about our boards and other gear. If there is anything we have missed, our website allows you to contact us directly to find more information.

We also have a 2009 Product Catalogue floating around. You can score yourself a free copy of this by emailing us directly with a postal address.

Trickie is currently expanding it’s range, and in the near future a fresh, broader line of boards will be made available in stores across the country.

Q / The market is dominated by American and European manufacturers, how have consumers responded to an Australian snowboard manufacturer?

This is where we see ourselves as different from the rest. As we are home grown, we have a great advantage here in Australia. We produce quality, hand-made boards right here, hence contributing to our own economy.

The Australian boarders have responded well, with flocks of people making enquiries and showing an interest. Because we are home-grown, people get a good sense when working with us to create their dream boards. This is something not yet seen here down under.

Q / Aside from boards, also sells other products, what are they? currently sells many different things that relate to snowboarding. We offer backcountry gear from first aid packs to avvy beacons, and also some new innovative products such as turnable toboggans and snowskate kits. We are constantly updating our site with funky new gear.

Along with the new range of boards, Trickie are soon expanding into outerwear, merchandise such as tees and beanies, and with boots and bindings. All of which will be available at, and selected retailers.

Q / Is there a Trickie snowboard team? Any plans for one?

There are most definitely plans for one. Trickie scouts are on the hills around 90-100 days per season at any given point, and at any given resort, looking for talent. We will be putting a team together throughout the next few seasons. If you are a rider with something to show, keep stomping it on the hills and we’ll find you.

To find out more, or to make a purchase visit

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