Torah Bright Joins the Team at Perisher

Perisher is very happy to announce that Winter Olympic Gold Medallist and all-round nice person, Torah Bright has signed on to be a Perisher resort ambassador for the next two years.

To celebrate Torah’s Halfpipe Gold Medal victory in Vancouver, Perisher will be renaming its Superpipe in her honour at an official ceremony during the 2010 winter season.

As part of her new ambassadorial role, Torah will become the face of some of Perisher’s advertising and promotional campaigns, representing the resort where she first started snowboarding and the place she developed her amazing skills.

It’s not just about advertising though, Torah obviously has a very strong affinity with Perisher and as such she wants to ‘give back’ to the place she grew up. During the season, Torah will be spending time with lucky Perisher Winter Sports Club children, imparting her knowledge and experience in personalised coaching clinics. Plus, Torah will ‘hang-out’ with the winner of a ‘Board for a Day with Torah’ competition that Perisher will be conducting.

“We are excited to have Torah join us”, said Neil Thew, Public Relations and Business Development Manager, Perisher. “Torah’s incredible accomplishments on the competitive snowboarding arena are to behold and admire, however her warm and engaging personality match these qualities, making her the perfect ambassador for Perisher,” continued Mr Thew.

Torah has expressed that given Perisher is her favourite Australian alpine resort, it was easy for her to commit to officially becoming a representative of the place she loves, both here and internationally. “Although Torah spends much of her time overseas these days, she still calls the Snowy Mountains and Perisher home,” confirmed Circe Wallace, Torah’s manager.

It’s not only a time to celebrate the partnership of Torah with Perisher, but today Torah is getting married to fellow snowboarder Jake Welch in the US.

All at Perisher extend to both Torah and Jake very best wishes for their big day today and their life ahead together. We look forward to seeing them soon at Perisher.

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  2. hey i’d just like to know if the renaming of the perisher halfpipe is still going ahead and when that would be if it is.


  3. hey i’d just like to know if the renaming of the perisher halfpipe is still going ahead and when that would be if it is.


    All we have heard i that it will happen during the season at some stage-we have emailed perisher to try and find out for reals 🙂

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