MyThredbo Smart Gates Are In

Thredbo have taken a big leap forward for 2011 introducing MyThredbo. The jist of it all is a smart card system which not only gives you lift access around the mountain but soon much more. Today Thredbo shows an important step in the path towards achieving all this with their smart gates.

Anyone who has ridden overseas knows these systems and knows they work well. No hassle entry onto lifts, no flashing lift tickets. Im sure its part of the plan but once they roll out the ability to use the card as cash around the mountain then you’ll see the benefit. I’m sure if its not already in place its only a matter of time.

Anyway the smart gates are in, here are a couple shots they put onto Facebook.

But it looks like Thredders isn’t the only mountain taking this step in 2011. Perisher have also launched the same system. Here is their video promoting it which kind of summarises everything quite well in case I did a bad job of describing it all:

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