The Whip Snowboard

The Whip FR-117A snowboard is a radical new design of snowboard that sets out to improve on almost every aspect of snowboarding – more speed, higher jumps, quicker turns, better fit and less chatter. Here we feature the first generation of the whip but the price for the newly reengineered 2010/11 Whip is $1,995, yes pricey I know!

For Beginner Snowboarders
For people who have never snowboarded, the design makes it easier to learn and master.

For Experienced Snowboarders
The Whip makes snowboard riding easier, most experienced riders will actually have to relax their riding style to get greater performance out of the board.

The Whip F-117 Specs:

* LENGTH: 158cm
* WAIST WIDTH: 23.5cm
* EFFECTIVE EDGE: Outer 127cm, Inner 86×2cm
* NOSE WIDTH: 29cm
* TAIL WIDTH: 28cm
* RIDER WEIGHT LIMITS: 135-195 lbs.

The revolutionary design borrows elements from a hydrofoil, minimizing the area where the board makes contact with the snow in order to reduce drag (while simultaneously increasing directional stability), and a proprietary suspension system makes weight transfer easier.

You can also check out their website here.

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  1. I imagine there would be plenty of chatter, mainly along the lines of: “WTF is that crap?!” But that’s supposing he could ever sell one!

    And the grand canyon in the middle of your board would increase drag. But at least it’s a 4cm thick board!? That’s gotta be good for… nothing.

    I hope the price includes the Batman suit you need to get away with this.

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