‘The Frog’ Drops Early Season Forecast

Season 2011 is fast approaching! And what better to get us excited than the first early season forecast from seasoned snow forecasting extraordinaire Pete ‘The Frog’ Taylor. For those not familiar with Pete’s history, they guy can predict snowfall. Certainly one of the most reliable out there.

Pete has just dropped his early season forecast on his site Snowatch.com.au. There are both positives and negatives but one thing to assure you all is Pete is seeing a La Nina pattern which has often delivered great seasons. Pete thinks the season will start slow but believes will kick and kick decent saying “I’d be surprised if the Victorian resorts didn’t finally crack the2m mark and NSW could even be up around 2.5m by the end of August.” Lets hope your right Pete!

You can read the full forecast on Snowatch here.

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