The ComeBACK of Michaela Davis Meehan

You may recall last year in Issue 3 we told you the story of young Michaela Davis Meehan tragically breaking her back at Mammoth.

Well it seems Michaela is well and truly on the comeback trail having recently won the Revolution Tour slopestyle stop at Mt Snow in Vermont.

Michaela’s win now qualifies her to represent Australia at the Junior Worlds in Italy. She flies over on March 25th, 12 months to the day since she broke her back with the Opening Ceremony in Valmalenco on March 27th being 12 months since undergoing surgery.

Michaela still has to do pain management and take more days off than she use to, but she is riding strong and getting back into it. She has really tested the hardware in her back with some huge bails that have scared everyone around her, but it is standing up to punishment.

After her trip to Italy, Michaela is going back to Mammoth to train with her brother Pat and will compete in the finals of the Billabong Flaunt It series in Tahoe later in April. She also has been invited to the finals of the Campus Rail Jam in Portland in May. She’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and its great to see her BACk in action again.

Anyway you can keep track of Michaela’s progress on her blog over here. We found this pretty interesting video on there put together by Tim Lloyd.
“Its pretty amazing to watch boiling water freeze as its thrown into -25c air.”

When Water Freezes from Tim Lloyd on Vimeo.

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