The Whip Snowboard

The Whip FR-117A snowboard is a radical new design of snowboard that sets out to improve on almost every aspect of snowboarding – more speed, higher jumps, quicker turns, better fit and less chatter. Here we feature the first generation of the whip but the price for the newly reengineered 2010/11 Whip is $1,995, yes pricey I know! Continue reading “The Whip Snowboard”

GoPro Launches 3D HERO System

GoPro Launches 3D HERO® System; World’s Smallest 1080p 3D Camera. Professional Quality at a Consumer Price

Innovative Modular Design Enables Consumers to Combine two 1080p HD HERO Cameras to Create Professional Quality 3D Camera System

GoPro, the world’s leading activity camera company, today announced the availability of the much anticipated 3D HERO® System, a waterproof 3D expansion kit for GoPro’s best selling 1080p HD HERO camera. Continue reading “GoPro Launches 3D HERO System”

Sneak Peak on K2’s Snowboard Products for 2011/2012

K2 Snowboards has a wide range of products from boards, boots and bindings to specific backcountry gear such as probes, poles and shovels. Their pro team now boasts such international talent as Gretchen Bleiler, Willie Luoma and Danny Larsen and they show just as much attention to top of the range freestyle boards as they do to innovative freeride splitboards. Continue reading “Sneak Peak on K2’s Snowboard Products for 2011/2012”

Snowboard Vs Ski?

snowboard versus ski

People often compare skiing with snow boarding, but as I see it there is no comparison between the two. Both of these sports have quite different backgrounds and history; neither snowboarding is a subset of skiing, nor the condition other way round is true. The comparison probably arises due to fact that both the sports share the same snowy environment and both give one hell of a good time to remember. Let’s have a close look on each of these popular snow sports separately.
Continue reading “Snowboard Vs Ski?”