Buying the Right Snowboard Boots

You wouldn’t wear an uncomfortable, blister-prone, two-size-too-small cross-trainer while jogging. Obviously, with the amount of stress placed on the feet and ankles in snowboarding, it’s even more vital to ensure your feet are secure and supported by getting the right boots. Your boots are just as important as your board in terms of enjoying your ride!

We’ve compiled this simple guide to help you start your riding off on the right foot!
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Snow Clothing Explained

snow outerwear

Choosing the correct clothing is quite simply the most important part of going snowboarding. You are subjecting yourself to extreme weather conditions including below zero temperatures, winds, rain, snow and more. Ensuring you have the right clothing is paramount. The ideal clothing should not only keep you warm, but also dry and protect from high winds all the while keeping you fresh and letting your body breathe.
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