4 Things you MUST do to take care of your Snowboard in Summer

Now that you long ago finished last trip to the snow for the season you feel a little different, a little empty and somewhat incomplete. Snap out of it! Yeah it’s a pain, but there’s more important things to worry about, like if your Snowboard will survive the summer in tip-top condition.

Not sure where to start? Follow our ‘Impossible to stuff up’ guide to keep your equipment pristine.

Perform a standard tune and wax

Start off by cleaning your snowboard or skis. Throughout the season, after flying over grass, rocks, mud and maybe even some snow, your equipment is bound to have retained a little of this grime. Using a soaped up cloth, remove this dirt, followed by something like a file to de-bur the edges of your skis or Snowboard.

Apply a coat of hot wax to the bottom of the skis or snowboard, and scrape as much of this wax off as possible

Apply the Summer Wax

On your freshly cleaned, de-bured and waxed bottom, apply a fresh coat of hot wax all over the surface area. Leave this coat for wax on the bottom of the surface area for the summer, it will enable the board time to absorb some of the wax into the base.

Bindings baby, Bindings

Take them off or leave them on? To be honest it doesn’t really matter which option you take, just do whichever is easiest for storage. If you do take the bindings off, be sure to record the position (stance) to ensure you start he next season in the same way you ended it!

Store it Somewhere

Store your snowboard or skis wherever you have some spare space. But please do one thing, DO NOT store in direct sunlight. Store in a dark, well aired place and do not store anything on top of the equipment, it can slightly change the angles on it.

There you go, nothing revolutionary, just some solid advice on how to protect your Skiing or snowboard investment and ensuring it will live to see many more seasons.

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