Shaun Belmore from the the movie SpareChange Talks

This Saturday at Strike in Prahran, Shaun Belmore and the crew at WetSocks Productions are hosting the premiere for their debut film ‘Spare Change‘. We’re really pumped to see the click-and happy to get behind Shaun and the crew.

Movie Name: Spare Change

Whos In It: Nick Wood, Chris deCampo, Iver Lynne, Charlie Steinbacher, Sam Murphy, Tim Laidlaw, Shaun Belmore, Andrew Roth, Michaela Davis-Meehan, Pat Davis-Meehan, Billy Hayman, Trevor Henshaw, Tyson Pollard.
Where Was it Shot: Everywhere in Australia- Buller, Falls, Perisher, Charlotte Pass some street stuff. Also filmed in Breckenridge Colorado. Headed to Lake Tahoe for spring break and a week of filming. big road trip.
Who Produced it: mee ha. Shaun Belmore
What was it shot on: Snowboards and tripods. ohh cameras. various cameras were used mine is a canon hv20. used the new hd GoPro for some different shots, also had a bunch of other people helping me out. Rob Stagg (ballistyx snowboard show filmer), Jarrod Wouters (transitionist snowboard camp)

First movie attempt?
Yeah this is my first attempt at a snowboard movie. Ive made edits here and there before but first time ive done something like this. Not sure what the future will hold id definitely like to make another, this year i plan to do a bunch of online webisodes with the crew, but that could change i like to keep my options open for now.

Sponsors or independent?
There wasnt any sponsor money put into the movie apart from my old man’s building company(diamond property developments), when i run out of money he was always really supportive with the movie and wanted it to work so he’d help out to keep the film rolling. Other than that all the money has come from myself.

3 Things to look out for in the movie?

A funny dancing girl, explicit material on a down bar in the park, and you might see a lil bit of snowboarding.

Final words to make us go see it?

I’ts been a long year and its finally coming to an end the premiere this Saturday is going to go off with a bang-Heaps of prizes and giveaways.

I’d like to thank everybody that helped make this happen.: Transitionist Snowboard Camp, SnowFox crew, Alister Robbie (editing master), my family, all the riders, everybody that helped film, Yes snowboards for organising some film trips, and whoever I haven’t mentioned thanks to you to.

To buy a ticket to the premier this Saturday: See the above flyer for all the ticket locations

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