Snowboarding Causes Injuries!

Turns out scientists have proven that Snowboarders get hurt. Mmmm, ok. The studies related to upper body injuries obtained from 2000 patients with with fractires or dislocations gained during snowboarding activities (This doesn’t count the local Apres Bar)Some highlights of the study include:

  • Out of the total patients interviewed, 57.9% were beginners, 38% were intermediates, and 4% were experts. A whopping eighty-eight percent of the patients had never received instruction from a licensed instructor.
  • 53% of the injuries recorded were wrist fractures. 16.8% were injuries due to upper arm fractures, 11.5% were shoulder dislocations, and 9.8% were elbow dislocations.\

What can we learn form this? Opposing snowboarding stances, as well as the two different falling directions, had a significant influence on the frequency of that injured side in the upper extremity area of the body…but really-just be careful out there!

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