Snowboard Boots Explained

Along with bindings, snowboards are vital in transferring the movements of your body to the snowboard, not to mention protecting your feet and ankles from injury and the cold. There are three main types of snowboard boots available: soft boots, hard boots and hybrid boots.

nike snowboard boots

Soft Snowboard Boots

Can be used with either strap in bindings or flow in bindings and are very popular with beginners and freestyler’s as they are comfortable to ride in all day and also walk in. They comprise two layers. The inner layer is insulated, as well as padded to ensure protection from heavy impacts. The outer layer is a lot more rigged to give the rider full control over the snowboard.

Hard Snowboard Boots

Similar to soft snowboard boots, these harder snowboard boots comprise a warm inner lining. The exterior though is made of rigid, hard plastic. They are used in conjunction with plate, clip in bindings. These harder style boots allow for quick turns and precise cornering which makes them the boot of choice for downhill racers.

Hybrid Snowboard Boots

Combine all the great aspects of both hard and soft boots. Along with having a tough sole, they offer enough flexibility above the ankle to allow for free movement. Hybrid snowboard boots are often used with step in bindings and may not be suitable for all setups.

Boots are a very important part of your snowboarding experience so it is imperative you really take care of them:

  • At the end of a days snowboarding, remember to remove the inner lining from your snowboard boots to dry. Dry the liner for at least 24 hours, allowing the boots enough time to dry and air out.
  • Be careful no to dry your boots in direct sunlight or heat. This can discolor and disfigure the snowboarding boots making them uncomfortable and mis-shaped.
  • When storing your snowboarding boots ensure they are in a place with a constant temperature. Locations such as the roof, garage or shed are not appropriate as the temperature can vary significantly.
  • To clean your boots use a damp cloth and some soap. Anything more and you can damage the outer of your snowboarding boots.
  • At the beginning of the season it is important to check your straps and buckles to ensure they are in prime condition for the season. Get any necessary repairs done before you hit the mountain.

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  1. any chance you know where we can get nike snowboard boots in Victoria? I was in Japan last month and didn’t see them anywhere. Seems like they are only available in the US?

  2. Leave it with me mate-I speak to some stores i know-not sure off the top of my head though



  3. No luck with this either? I emailed Nike directly and they haven’t even been able to give me an answer either.

  4. Yep-no love mate-heard back form a few suppliers but nothing really-have you thought about ordering them form the states? I think they are a brand you can export with no problems

  5. thanks for your help though. i did see them on a few sites but would rather try em on first just in case their sizing is different or if they don’t fit my foot shape.
    not to worry, planning on a trip to colorado for their snow season next year, should be able to pick up one then

  6. Anyone know where I can get hard snowboard boots in Australia?

    I just trashed mine.

  7. hahaha are you serious, what is the 3 types of boots this whole page is talking about…..
    yeah I’m from Australia and want clipin boots coz i hate binding up the boots every time. but also wonder if they come off too easily too.

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