Snowatch Updated Forecast – May 12

This morning Pete ‘The Frog’ Taylor from Snowatch updated his long range forecast and the signs are promising. Looks like it may be a better start to the season thanks to La Nina breaking down quicker which is ace news.

Here is The Frogs latest updated. For weekly short term forecasts take a look at his site.

“The southern hemisphere weather charts are looking promising with the low pressure systems set to intensify once we see the high pressure system of next week move away from the continent.

The SOI levels have been dropping rapidly over the last two weeks with the 30 day reading now dropping under 10. This indicates that La Nina is breaking down faster than I anticipated and we should see consistant snowfalls early.

We could see some light snowfalls developing around the 22nd before a stronger system arrives around the 28th-30th.”

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