Snowboard Wax Options

The top surface of the board as a matter of maintenance for your board should be cleaned routinely so as to prevent and minimise the amount of debris and grime that accumulates on the board. Keeping the surface of your snowboard is also important in terms of the control you have over your snowboard, increased control will make things such as building up speed, momentum and also steering your snowboard much easier.  Whilst an obvious advantage for all levels of snowboarding, having an increased degree of control over your board becomes essential when you are snowboarding at a competitive, professional level.

snowboard waxing tools

A good quality wax for your board is an excellent investment, as it will guarantee the longevity of your board, whilst the reverse is true. Boards that are not properly maintained with a decent wax will quickly develop a rough, uneven texture, which will in turn cause further damage to be caused to the board.  Honestly, with a small amount of time committed to cleaning and waxing your board will ensure long-term dividends.

As a safety precaution, ensure that whenever you are applying wax to your snowboard that you do so in a well-ventilated area because some of the wax products have toxic fumes, so if you begin to feel dizzy/nauseous/light headed at any time whilst applying the wax then take a break.  Snowboard wax whilst being a lifeline for your board, is not so kind to clothing or furniture so to safeguard against any accidents, make sure you carry out your waxing on a old cloth. Other basic precautions include wearing some rubber gloves to prevent the wax getting onto your arms and hands and thereby causing an adverse reaction, and propping the board on a hard surface such as a couple of bricks.

Snowboarding wax is typically sold in the form of a bar, very much like a bar of soap and you will need to melt the wax and then once the wax has liquidised, drip it onto the surface of your board and then spread it evenly over the surface.

There are a number of different waxes to choose from,  some snowboard waxes already come in liquid form meaning you can simply apply the wax direct to the board. Other waxes come in a bottle and spray, much  like a hair spray again meaning you do not have to melt them. Spray waxes are especially excellent in terms of quickly drying.

The different coloured waxes are for different temperatures, so make sure you choose a wax that has a temperature closest to the conditions on the day that you intend to ride.

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