Party to the Powder People – with Broken Panda

Snowboard culture naturally lends itself to a good time. Snowboarders are generally outgoing, friendly people who know how to have a good time. This year the good times are set to continue well into the wee hours of the mornings thanks to a series to on-mountain parties that will feature some of Australia’s hottest DJ and Hip Hop artists to the party people of Mt Buller.

Snowlife caught up with established event organiser Miles Jordan of Broken Panda to discuss the exciting season ahead including an exclusive event release you’ll have to see to believe!

Q / What is Broken Panda all about? When did it all begin?

I think there comes a time in every DJs career when they take a step back and start thinking about what the bigger picture holds. For me, after DJing for a decade or so and playing gigs with most of my favorite artists, the next logical step was to start organising and promoting my own events.

So, come plenty of deliberation and 100 or so dance music events later, enter Broken Panda. The idea was to start educating people again, about the kind of dance music that you wouldn’t normally hear on the radio. The kind that people used to get excited about hearing and dancing to when they go out on a Saturday night! As an example, we talked to a lot of people that absolutely loved Pendulum and other similar artists, but had no idea that they were actually listening to drum and bass!

We kicked off in early 2008 with a Tasmanian DJ showcase of underground beats featuring sounds like dnb (drum and bass), breakbeat and wonkey house, and the club packed out. We called it “Meat the Beat”, which turned out to be a regular, monthly show. That formed the backbone of Broken Panda events.

Broken Panda has moved to Mt Buller for the 2009 winter – I am promoting events up here with my good friend Felix.

Q / What brought you to Mt Buller?

Felix started working in a year-round job up here, before the 2008 season. I’ve been into snowboarding on and off for about 10 years, so I came up a few times in ’08 for some boarding. We talked about me doing a season up here, but on top of running Broken Panda events I also have a full time job at the Australian Antarctic Division, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it.

Things just started coming together. All of a sudden I had secured 4 months leave and another job working in ticketing at Buller. My lady landed a job straight up too. We hadn’t even thought about running events yet! One day Felix and I were chatting and we got talking about what kinds of music events were being run in the ’08 season at Buller. We didn’t come up with much, so we started getting the word out to some well known booking agents that we might be running some events up here! Felix also started talking to venue owners in Buller to gather some interest there. Everyone was getting excited from all directions, so we started booking artists and working on promotions!

Q / How has the response been from the Mt Buller community thus far?

We’ve had an overwhelming response up here! The events we are putting on are mainly targeted at mountain staff. We’re running most of them on Sunday nights – it’s really busy up here on weekends so most people that work here get to enjoy more time off once the weekend is over.

Q / Broken Panda will be spending the entire season at Mt Buller, can we expect Broken Panda parties all season long?

Absolutely! We have events planned right up until the end of September. Obviously we can’t plan much further than that, but if the snow lasts, who knows!

Q / One of the biggest events on the snowboard calendar is the Cattlemans Rail Jam, how are you guys involved?

Cattlemans is actually the first one we are running – it’s on Saturday July 11. This is going to be a mad event! Basically we are managing the audio side of things before, during and after the rail jam. And by “after” I mean we are going to be having one hell of an after party organised! During the rail jam, though, we will have DJs set up at the top of the stairs in the village square, right next to the handrail. Burton have an MC that will work along side our DJs, calling out the tricks as the pros smash that rail to bits! It’s going to be mad!

Q / Its not just the Rail Jam that will going down, what else is planned for this particular weekend for Broken Panda?

Sunday July 12 is our first big event at the Kooroora (hooha). We thought we’d kick off with some aussie hip hop so got together with Obese Records to organise a massive show featuring Muph & Plutonic, DJ Bonez, and Illy doing his album launch, “Long story short”. All of these guys have tunes on high rotation on the radio right now, especially Illy with his new album – check to check him out!

I can’t wait to see the HooHa all packed out with people ready to party proper like!

Q / Where can people get tickets for these events?

No ticket is required for the rail jam, but tickets for events such as the Obese party just mentioned are available from Advance Sales and Freeride in Mt Buller. For those that can’t make it into a store, tickets are available online via Online bookings incur a small booking and postage fee, but are well worth it if you aren’t up on the mountain yet!

Q / You’ve confirmed some big names already, who can we expect throughout the season?

I can’t say too much here, but here is a taste… We have a sort of a mini festival coming up on August 9th. You guys are actually the first to hear about it! Whilst we are 99% sure of the artists there may still be some changes… but check this out:

Broken Panda presents the Ministry of Sound “Mashed” tour, featuring:

– Miami Horror
– Beni (Bang Gang DJs)
– Art vs Science
– Downsyde
– Hercules in NY
+ Broken Panda DJs

This will be, um, well… killer. Whoever thought Ministry of Sound would come to Mt Buller? There will be prizes and giveaways on the night. Tickets should be on sale soon and get this… we are going to keep tickets as low as $50…

Q / What can people expect from a night out with Broken Panda?

I’ll put this simply: We love to party. What’s important to us is that everyone is having a great time, including performing artists. Felix and I will be floating around at all of our events making sure things are running as smoothly as possible, so come say hi if you see us!

Q / If we can only make it to one, which event will be the absolute must not miss event of the year?

For me it’s got to be the Ministry of Sound “Mashed” tour. The lineup is full of artists that Australian’s are loving right now – all of these guys are constantly featured at the big summer festivals.

Q / Thanks Miles, final words?

As our events are confirmed they will be put on our website ( and all members of our facebook group will be notified. Our facebook group has just been set up so I put it to everyone to make these parties bigger and better by joining and inviting your friends too! Check it out at

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please do contact me via facebook or the website. Bring on the winter!
Stay tuned to Snowlife throughout the season for more on Broken Panda events as they happen, or check out for more.

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