Weekly Snow Forecast from Snowatch

Well we can certainly feel the mornings are getting colder but what does that mean for the oncoming of snow in our alpine resorts? For the latest long range outlook we turn to seasoned snow forecaster Pete ‘the Frog’ Taylor of Snowatch.com.au

Updated 19/05/10

Temps should remain cool this week with some opportunities for the snowmakers to get going. Next week should warm slightly which will see limited snowmaking.

Looking further ahead I think we will have to wait til early June for the first decent snowfalls. A system looks due to arrive around the 5-6th that could bring some light snow. I don’t see much from this one at this stage due to the large high pressure system sitting to the north of it. Following this is a strong colder system that looks like it could bring us some decent snowfalls around the 10th-12th, fingers crossed this could give us a snowy opening to the season.

Mid June could see some more snow around the 15-16th but at this stage this looks like it should only bring light snow. Although a long way away the 19th-22nd looks interesting with possible moderate snowfalls.

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