Biggest Dump of 2010!

Wow, where to begin! How about with this statement: Officially the snowiest August in 18 years! The biggest dump of 2010 hit lastnight with amazing snow falling across all resorts and even now I’m being told the snow is falling in Jindy!

Falls Creek have come out the biggest winners with a ridiculous 54cm overnight, taking this storms total to over 70cm! They may have been screwed by the weather with Stylewars but they have been given an absolute gift here!

Falls Creek just before midnight on August 25

Nearby neighbour Hotham also polled well with 47cm! This is officially the snowiest August since 1992 with 202cm of snow falling to date in this month alone. But unfortunately the roads from Harrietville at the moment.

Buried cars at Hotham this morning.

Here is a wrap up of how all the resorts fared over the last 24 hours:

Hotham – 47cm
Falls – 54cm
Buller – 29cm
Baw Baw – 10cm
Perisher – 33cm
Thredbo – 40cm
Charlotte Pass – 25cm

And if that wasnt enough, seasoned snow forecaster Pete Taylor of Snowatch has predicted that another 7-15cm will be falling across the resort for the next two days!

Get out there and get your pow on, happy shredding everyone!!

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