What? Snow on the way?

Well it certainly hasn’t been the best start to a season so far but by no means it’s all lost and with a strong cold front approaching the question on everyone’s mind is will this be the first decent dump for season 2010.

The season started slow but we got lucky with some snow fall literally days before opening weekend. Since then we have seen more influential rain than snow.

The weekend again saw more rain wash away what little base we have and to date, if it wasn’t for the amazing job the snow-makers have been doing, there is no doubt we wouldn’t be having a season at all. You only need to look off the piste to realise that.

But we hold on hope as another cold front approaches our alpine regions. Today, seasoned snow forecaster Pete Taylor of Snowatch.com.au updated his forecast and the next 7 days certainly hold some promise.

Wednesday is forecast for a blizzard bringing anywhere from 20-35cm, with the following days some more light to moderate snow expected. Even if there are an over-estimation, we should receive a decent covering. With a potential of half a meter to fall, July certainly is set for a rejuvenation.

Pete isn’t alone in this forecast with the Bureau of Meteorology also forecasting blizzards in the alpine areas for Victoria and the Snowy Mountains.

We’ll keep a close eye on the weather over the coming days as this front approaches. Keep your fingers crossed everyone, we’ve been waiting for this one!

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