Snow Clothing Explained

Choosing the correct clothing is quite simply the most important part of going snowboarding. You are subjecting yourself to extreme weather conditions including below zero temperatures, winds, rain, snow and more. Ensuring you have the right clothing is paramount. The ideal clothing should not only keep you warm, but also dry and protect from high winds all the while keeping you fresh and letting your body breathe.

snow outerwear

Clothing for your body:

The following are the main points to be noted:

  • The clothing should have breathable, water-repellant and cold protective features. So avoid jeans and cotton clothes as the inner wrap. Fleece, Lycra and wool are best suites as they provide warmth even when they are wet.
  • Too much of clothing results in perspiration as skiing is much of an aerobic activity
  • Avoid bulky clothes as only layers can protect you from cold.
  • Series of non-binding layers of mild weight jackets and wicking pants are ideal as they can be weaned out if weather changes.
  • The clothing should allow free range of motion especially at the joints but they should not sag hindering speed.
  • It is always advisable to carry protective outer layers to keep yourself dry and warm on long tours.

Clothing for your feet:

It is better to wear a single layer of wicking socks made of stretchable fibre to avoid blistering. Always carry a pair of gaiters and ski boots to protect your feet from excessive moisture.

Clothing to cover the critical areas:

The body heat will be lost mainly through head, neck and wrist. So it is ideal to wear a scarf to retain the warmth around your ears, a fleeced hat to protect your head and mittens to maintain the warmth in your hands for long.

Protection from sunburn:

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun, do not forget to wear sunglasses or goggles and protective sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from getting tanned.

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