Ski Setup Tips

Skis might look straightforward but they are in fact, technical. If you have committed to the cause and made a purchase of some brand new skis then setting them up right should be your main priority. You will soon learn what works for you and what doesn’t and how small changes can make big improvements. Here are some tips in setting your ski’s to ensure the perfect ride.

Tuning Equipment

Waxing your skis:

Skis should be waxed regularly to maintain its efficiency. Before waxing the base any deep scratches should be repaired using p-tex candles.

The following are the key requirements for waxing:

  • An appropriate supporting place for resting the skis.
  • Proper shield for the work place.
  • Proper latching of brakes to avoid disturbance during waxing.
  • Contamination-free brushes.
  • Right type of wax.

Whatever be the type of wax, it should be spread evenly on to the base using a cork or hairdryer or ski specific iron. The excess wax should be scrapped off leaving the edges flat and sharp to avoid suctioning and give a proper texture to the base. A variance in the above method of applying wax is using costly brushes and cold hardening powder which provides abrasion resistance from cold conditions. Care should be taken not to inhale the smoke or fluoros that emerge out of ironing the wax. A nylon brush can be used to polish the wax. A scotch pad can be utilized to create channels on the base to allow the escape of water. A final touch with horsehair brush decreases static built up due to waxing process.

Edge maintenance:

The edge level should be maintained at the optimum level of sharpness by removing some plastic from the ski. If the edges are a bit blunt, the turning becomes easier. The metal edge should form an angle of 1 to 0.5 degrees with the base approximately.

Servicing your skis:

You can get your ski or board once a year tuned during the off-season so that the ski gets serviced better. You can give a waxing and maintenance treatment to the ski by yourself as a normal routine.


When the skiing season is over, apply a thick layer of wax on the base and leave them on its edges to keep them rust-free. The skis should not be locked with the brakes as it may loosen their springs.

Happy tuning!

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