Staying Safe

Keeping safe on the mountain is all about ensuring your prepared and you know your surroundings. Here are some simple things to keep in mind to keep your day a safe one.

Perisher Ski Patrol

  • Be inform about your trail before leaving
  • Read, and observe the color codes and signage. For example, Green is easiest or beginner terrain, Blue is more difficult or intermediate terrain and Black is most difficult or advanced terrain.
  • ‘Smart style’, the new safety initiative promoted by National Ski Area Association (marking freestyle terrain with a new orange oval symbol) ensures that the riders of freestyle terrain are fully aware about their individual skill and ability to attempt the feature.
  • Know your ability and always stay in control.
  • Do not stop and obstruct a trail
  • Take lessons from qualified professional instructors.
  • Do not ski if you are under the influence of drug or alcohol.


  • If you find somebody hurt
  • Approach the injured from sides or from below and reassure him.
  • Inform the rescue patrol giving exact details
  • Do not remove the skis off the injured.
  • Do not provide any food or drink if the injured is unconscious.
  • Do not try to treat the injured unless you have the expertise.
  • In case of hypothermia i.e. lowering of the body’s core temperature, try to protect the warmth by fully covering the patient and providing non-alcoholic fluids.


  • The eyes should be protected from the reflective glare of the snow by wearing high quality goggles.


  • Adequate food and non-alcoholic drinks intake is advisable before skiing as they provide
  • Energy for movement and Maintain body temperature.


  • Though wearing helmets is not mandatory, it is advisable as helmets prevent head injury in case of snow -borne accidents.

Simple steps and keeping aware. The snow environment can be extreme so be prepared for anything and stay alert, but most of all – have fun!

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