Shaun White’s Big Air and Big Hair: Another Rolling Stone Cover.

Shaun White has appeared on the cover of this months Rolling Stone magazine (that’s the second time now) except this time he only remembered half his clothes. It’s definitely an interesting shot with a Hendrix theme – American flag pants, shirt off and a burning snowboard. Oh and gold medal around this neck!

Yet to read the article but an online grab caught my attention with the opening line: “Shaun White has revolutionized snowboarding” – I’m sure this will cause some backlash!

Check out the online grab from the latest edition on the Rolling Stone magazines here, or check out a copy of the mag.

2 Replies to “Shaun White’s Big Air and Big Hair: Another Rolling Stone Cover.”

  1. But hasn’t he revolutionized it? He’s basically invented half the tricks that are used by the top riders on the tour-especially in the Olympics…I could be wrong 🙂

  2. Shaun White cops so much flak…23 years old and he rips. Too true james only a few others can do what he does and never as easy as he makes it seem. Much respect to Kevin though for steppin up.

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