A bit of rain, a bit of snow ahead.

We’re in for some mixed conditions with the onset of spring in our alpine resorts. Last weekend brought damaging rain and wind causing chaos on the mountains. Although rain did take some cover, conditions overnight were cold enough for some fresh snow to fall ensure the cover from our August dumps keeps us going well into September.

Looking ahead again we see some mixed conditions with a cold front passing over both the Alpine and Snowy mountain region. Here is what seasoned forecaster Pete Taylor of Snowatch has to say about the coming weeks:

We should see mainly fine weather until showers develop on Thursday and Friday. Temps will be mostly too warm for snow but there will be a short period where the temp will drop on Friday and snow should fall above 1600m.

A cool change on the 13th should bring light snowfalls above around 1300-1400m that should continue into the 14th and maybe 15th. At this stage it looks like around 10cm from this.

Looking further ahead the next possible snowfall looks to be around the 19th with a weak change bringing light snowshowers. Following this could be a stronger system that should arrive around the 22nd-24th. Fingers crossed this one brings a nice late season top up.

Also keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology for up to date conditions and forecasts:

Alpine Areas Forecast
Snowy Mountains Forecast

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