Peetu Stays On With Burton

Finnish all-round shredhead Peetu Piiroinen has just resigned his contract and will remain a Burton rider for boards and bindings. Peetu is an amazing snowboarder who has certainly made his mark on the international competitive circuit. He is one of my personal favorites due to his flawless style, ability across different disciplines and his unassuming approach to it all. Check out the press release from Burton below.

BURLINGTON, VT (November 23, 2010) Finnish pro rider Peetu Piiroinen will remain as a proud member of the Burton Snowboards team, with his recently signed contract for Burton boards and bindings.

Peetu has a long history with Burton, which started almost 10 years ago when company reps spotted him and kick-started his pro career. Ever since then, he has ridden Burton boards and bindings to a long list of incredible competition results that includes unprecedented back-to-back TTR titles, a silver medal at the Olympics and a second Burton Global Open Series title.

A quiet and humble rider, Peetu doesn’t like to say too much about his riding or endless list of victories. But he did have this to say, “Burton was my first sponsor back in 2001, and they’ve supported me since the beginning,” said Peetu. “They definitely make the best boards and bindings out there, and I wouldn’t want to ride anything else.”

At age 16, Peetu started leaving his mark on the competitive snowboard world when he won his first major title – the Juniors Slopestyle Competition at the Burton European Open back in 2005. Dozens of podium wins, major titles, the Olympic silver medal and hometown parades in his honor followed, with Peetu staying soft-spoken and down-to-earth through it all. He is an incredible and valued member of the Burton team, and we can’t wait to see what this season brings.

Check out all of Peetu’s career highlights in his timeline at

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