– 14 Years On

Over the many years there have been certain things that have stayed true to the snow industry in Australia. These things have developed over time to become institutions to our sport. is no doubt one of them. From their humble beginnings to where they are now, 14 years on – it is still going stronger than ever.

Not long ago, Snowlife had the chance to catch up with Ian Dunlop of to find out why they did it, how they did it and whats left to do. Continue reading “ – 14 Years On”

Becoming A Snowboard Instructor

There is not a snowboarder out there that hasn’t thought about it, heading off and chasing the winter as a qualified snowboard instructor. It certainly sounds like an amazing opportunity but how many people actually go through with it?

Often the choice can be made blind, not really really sure what your getting yourself into, not really sure what to expect. Snowlife recently caught up with Snow Skool, an organisation who specialises in turning you into a qualified snowboard instructor to find the ins and outs on making that decision and living your dream Continue reading “Becoming A Snowboard Instructor”

Radical Gloves – Affordable Steeze

There is no doubt snowboarding take style to a new level. We always want the latest season’s gear but who can blame us when new designs feature each year, you just have to stay on top of the trends! At least now you can stay on top without breaking the bank and its all thanks to a Aussie company revolutionising the snowboard glove industry.

Radical! Gloves is all about affordable steeze. Delivering the look without sending you broke. Getting the job done without taking a second job. Snowlife caught up with Jeremy Burns of Radical Gloves to talk affordable steeze and living to get Radical! Continue reading “Radical Gloves – Affordable Steeze”

Ballistyx – Rise From The Retail

Whether it be the Ballistyx retail store, Goin’ Ballistyx Snowboard Show, One of their many team riders or one of their many sponsored event, its hard to miss Ballistyx in Aussie snowboarding today. A team working together to keep snowboarding real, keep it accessible and make it for everyone. They continue to bring snowboarding to the masses and make it so damn fun along the way. Continue reading “Ballistyx – Rise From The Retail”

Torah Bright talks Olympics and Life

Torah Bright is a name synonymous with snowboarding. Over the past decade this Aussie from Cooma in Victoria has honed her skills on a board to become recognised as one of the most influential snowboarders of our time.

Snowlife caught up with Torah earlier in the year to check out what she has been up to over the past northern winter and her plans for another busy winter ahead. Continue reading “Torah Bright talks Olympics and Life”