NZ rider Maria Kuzma Survives AVALANCHE

Some extraordinary footage out of Verbeir, Switzerland this week of New Zealand rider Maria Kuzma, as she somehow manages to cheat death while competing on the final stop of the Freeride World Tour. Maria triggers a hefty slide after coming unstuck on a cliff drop. She then gets swept away down the mountain, but somehow manages to stay on top of the slide, almost like she is surfing the avalanche to the bottom. The whole thing is over in seconds but no doubt felt like forever for Maria.

Event winner and newly crowned 2011 Freeride Womens World Champion, Anne Flore Marxer recounts the story of what happened.

“It had just snowed the night before and for safety reasons they had to bomb the face in the morning of the competition. One of the last runs of the day was my friend Maria Kuzma who released an avalanche on her last cliff drop and was taken in it.. From the bottom area we saw her taken under and disappearing behind the hill. This was one of the scariest moments of my life. Her twin sister Janina, Aline, Jacki and I ran as quickly as we could to get to her, we couldn’t see her as we were running up the hill, thinking she was buried. This was really strong hard emotions, we couldn’t get to her quick enough and I felt absolutely useless. Luckily she managed to shovel her self out of it. I am so thankful she is okay. That was the biggest victory of the day. Snowboarding, freeriding, winning or loosing nothing matters more then enjoying the run and arriving safe at the bottom.” AFM

And here is the footage of the slide..

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