Nokia x Burton at Burton US Open

So hopefully you’ve heard about the collaboration Nokia and Burton have been up to with Push Snowboarding by now. (If not take a look at this article here!) Well as mentioned, the Push team were out at Stratton during the Burton US Open showcasing and testing and managed to capture a couple new runs.

First up, TTR 3X World Champ Peetu Piiroinen took it for a spin down the slope course, check it out:

While Seppe Smits took us on a more chilled run:

And finally, Tim-Kevin Ravnjak shows us the Pipe with a run using the technology:

It’s some super interesting technology, aside from the obvious benefits it can bring to training and the like I reckon there would be a few willing to give it a run during their day to day.

What’s more is the Push team made the statistics from these runs above and more available on their website. Looking forward to seeing more from the team as it progresses.

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