Jindabyne Traffic Delays Apology

Over the weekend, many snow-going commuters were thrown into chaos with traffic delays of over 2 hours due to inadequate road infrastructure and the NSW police conducting alcohol and drug testing on cars en-route to the NSW snow fields.

Thredbo yesterday issued an apology on behalf of the NSW resorts for the inconvenience and road safety issues this may have caused. They have also urged both residents and visitors to demand the upgrade of infrastructure from the NSW government.

We can all relate to the potential dangers that lay hidden on our alpine roads and it’s becoming more important than ever that these roads continue to be developed and maintained to ensure commuter safety. Many of us invest in the alpine and snowy mountains and the government encourages this as its contribution towards our economy is a significant one. And as the resorts push ‘year round’ activities we will only begin to see our beautiful mountains grow in popularity.

Please read the below message from Thredbo and if this effects you, take action and ensure our alpine roads remain safe and most of all, our mountains remain accessible.

NSW Alpine Resorts Apologise for Jindabyne Traffic Delays and Ask Residents and Visitors to Demand the NSW Government Urgently Fix Jindabyne Traffic Gridlock.

Traffic delays of up to two hours, traffic chaos and road safety issues occurred in Jindabyne Saturday 28th August 2010 due to NSW Police alcohol and drug testing and the NSW Government’s inadequate investment in road infrastructure.

The NSW Alpine Resorts support the NSW Police in conducting RBT operations but say it must only occur at a time and place that does not cause traffic chaos and road safety issues like it did this weekend.

For many years the NSW Alpine Resorts have been urging the NSW Government to upgrade Kosciuszko Road in Jindabyne where currently four lanes merge into one at the intersection with the Barry Way. The resorts have also suggested to NSW Police that they should stop causing additional traffic congestion on peak weekends by finding alternative locations for RBT operations.

The NSW Alpine Resorts met with NSW Police prior to the 2010 winter suggesting viable alternative locations for RBT between Jindabyne and the resorts. The Alpine Resorts believe that solutions exist to allow RBT to occur and to avoid the congestion caused today, but the NSW Police appear unwilling to relocate their operation.

Despite efforts of the NSW Alpine Resorts and the alpine community in seeking to find a solution, the NSW Government has done nothing to progress improvements to road upgrades or improving Police RBT operations.

The Alpine Resorts urge visitors to contact the NSW Government including Local Member Steve Whan to voice their concern about the unnecessary traffic delays experienced today and most weekends in Jindabyne and ask what the NSW Government is going to do to fix it.

Lets speak up and get the attention of the NSW Government, email the below relevant Government officials.


To find the email address for your Local Member click here. Please make the following points in your email:

It’s about time that the NSW Government recognised the importance of Tourism in the Snowy Mountains and fix traffic congestion in Jindabyne by taking the following actions:

Action #1 – The NSW Police must find alternative locations for drug and alcohols testing that doesn’t cause traffic gridlock in Jindabyne.

Action #2 – The NSW Government must increase road capacity leaving Jindabyne towards the resorts on Kosciuszko Road between the Barry Way and Alpine Way turnoff before the 2011 winter.

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