Heavenly Valley Chair at Hotham Opens Tomorrow

With cold winter conditions favouring an incredible run of snowmaking this week, Hotham has announced the Heavenly Valley chairlift will open for the first time in 2010 on Saturday 3 July.

This is a welcome addition for school holiday guests visiting Hotham as there will be five lifts operating for the coming weekend including Heavenly Valley, Village Chair, Upper Playground, Summit Trainer and the Big D.

The opening of Heavenly Valley at 8.30am on Saturday will provide access to Milky Way and Snake Gully runs, unlocking a larger skiing area and providing a greater variety of terrain for skiing and snowboarding.

Belinda Trembath, Mount Hotham Skiing Company General Manager said “The opening of Heavenly Valley chairlift on Saturday is a great addition for guests visiting Hotham to enjoy some more of our intermediate terrain.”

“We are excited to see another lift open and with a little assistance from Mother Nature, look forward to opening more of Hotham’s signature Heavenly Valley terrain as soon as conditions permit.”

Hotham’s snowguns have been firing relentlessly since 4pm Saturday and at 4pm today we will hit the 120 hour mark for a straight run of snowmaking! Over 8000 truckloads of snow had been made by yesterday and they are still going strong. That’s enough snow to cover the surface of the MCG in snow to a depth of about four metres.


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