Global Warming

Rapidly changing global weather pattern is currently the biggest concern of environmental scientists. This is due to steady rise in the average temperature of the Earth. The situation is referred to as Global Warming. Why is this topical for a snow website, because we are at the mercy of the global weather patterns. Our lives revolve around the fragile apline environment and it is here you can already begin to see the effects of warming earth temperatures.

This article is aimed to inform. I have no doubt that you have already been bombarded with messages of how you can make a difference. But one of the biggest ways we can make a difference is through education. We aim to inform and educate you.

Earth maintains an equilibrium between the amount of heat which it receives from the Sun and the amount that it radiates back into the space (heat received = heat radiated). Excessive emission of carbon dioxide (and other green house gases), over the last few decades, has disturbed this balance as the heat radiated by Earth’s surface is reflected back by the blanket of carbon dioxide covering the planet. This causes rise in the temperature of Earth.

A number of schemes have been presented in order to reduce global warming but so far no considerable results have been obtained. This is because there is a gap between what is understood about the problem and what is understood about the problem by those who really need to know; the public and policy makers. Here are a few preventive measures that should be taken on governmental, industrial and individual level to avoid the problem.

Governmental Level

Government of any region plays a crucial and important role in reducing the effects of global warming. There are several ways government authorities can reduce this problem.

  • Setting environment efficient standards on the equipment used in industries. A Fine can be imposed on industries which are using in-efficient machinery. The same policy can be implied on vehicles.
  • Placing tax price on the amount of carbon dioxide produced can make sure that industries are using environment efficient instruments.
  • Implying solar energy as a source of electricity instead of old coal-fired power plants will greatly reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the air.

Industrial Level

Why wait for the government to impose something. There are a number of things industries can do themselves to reduce global warming.

•Utilizing solar energy instead of using energy from coal based power plants will greatly help in reducing the production of harmful gases. Though at first this seems costly but if one consider the money saved over the life time of the equipment and the fact that minimal maintenance is required, the benefit is clear beyond any shadow of doubt.
•If not above then using environment efficient instruments and machinery can also help in reducing global warming considerably.

Individual Level

When talked about reducing global warming, people usually end up saying, “What difference can I alone make?” If everyone on the planet starts adopting simple preventive measures, the effect gets multiplied millions of time…..what do you have to say now? You can start with the following simple things.

  • Use the new energy efficient light bulbs instead of the traditional fluorescent bulbs. Sure they cost more, but again consider the cost over its life time. Here’s a fact, if every household in the U.S. replaced a burned-out bulb with an energy-efficient, it would also save enough energy to light 2.5 million homes for a year.
  • Get your car serviced regularly or better yet, use public transport or pollution free means of travel like bicycles. Or if you have to use a car, keep it serviced and use mileage enhancers to reduce petrol consumption.
  • It takes less energy to manufacture a recycled product than a brand new one. So if you and every other consumer buy recycled products, you’ll help create a market and conserve energy along the way.
  • These are but a few of changes that can make a difference. Its not up to one, but up to us all. Together we can make a difference, so next time someone thinks they are but one person, educate them on the issues and watch them learn and make a difference themselves.

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