Forum Shift Left

Came across this interesting positioning from Forum Snowboards today, they are focusing their efforts on shifting left. And by left, I mean Urban riding. Forum have definitely been at the forefront of making solid street decks but now they are really promoting this fact and in the process making sure people know they “don’t make freeride product”.

This simple infographic explains their positioning:

It’s always great to see company’s take focus in their offering but I guess the urban market isn’t as big in AUS than it is up north. Either way if they keep making good park boards their success in Australia will no doubt continue.

Speaking of good park board, Forum have also this season introduced a new board shape which is up there with the most innovative for the season. It’s called Doubledog and is a play on their Chillydog (reverse camber) board line. Doubledog is a double reverse camber. Forum describe it as:

Playful power. Prepared fresh, this delicious profile comes loaded with two great tastes in one. Camber sections located under each foot deliver power, pop and edge grip for charging fast and going big. Rocker sections between the feet, and in the nose and tail, keep it a forgiving and playful ride. Add to the recipe a core profile with softer sections underneath the feet and poppy sections between the feet and in the nose and tail for all day park laps.

Certainly am keen to try one of these out but for now we’ll have to wait for the reviews to start rolling in. Let us know if you’ve ridden one!

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