Choosing Snow pants

I hate wearing pants. I like to not wear pants as often as possible. Sans pants is my preferred cover for my legs, shorts are acceptable but full coverage is simply too much.
Wearing no pants is not socially acceptable everywhere, and also not too practical when you are heading to the snow. It is on these days where snow pants are a vital part of your snow outer wear and the right pair of pants can provide you with a warm and comfortable day on the mountain.

What do you look for in a good pair of snow pants? Is it bright fluro pink colors? Latest designs? Lots of pockets? Snow pants come in all shapes and sizes and the right pants for you is entirely dependent on how you ride, when you ride and what feels good on you.

The following are some important features you should look for when are buying snow pants:


  • When buying a pair of snow pants for skiing or snowboarding, ensure they are made of fabric which will protect you from all the elements on a snow trip – rain, snow and wind.


  • Ensure your outerwear is insulated, breathable and waterproof to ensure protection from the elements. Spending time on or near the ground makes it impossible to stay completely dry, therefore some waterproofing is vital.

Look and Style

  • Buying a pair of snow pants isn’t all about the practicality, it’s also about the look and style of the pants. Like them low slung, like the bib style or like a certain colour? The right pair of pants should suit the rest of your outfit as well as matching your riding style. I love a pair of pants with a heap of pockets to keep all your gear in. Do some research and find out the best pair of pants for you

Buying a pair of snow pants is easy as long as you don’t over complicate it. Buy a pair of snow pants which are comfortable, warm and suit the rest of your gear.

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