Choosing Ski’s

Choosing the right ski is important for any ski enthusiast of any level, beginner through expert. Ski selection is based on variety of factors like riding style, riding terrain, nature of the snow and so on. The most recent hype has been about the “all terrain ski”- also known as the “all mountain ski” or the “one-ski-for-all”.

Choosing Skis

When taking ski for rentals, nevertheless it is ideal to have a ski that suits us. After all we rent ski to have fun and a ski that does not suit us will kill the fun! The ski rental places will give the advice on it though they may not be always available or busy and then the responsibility of choosing the right ski falls on our shoulders.

Factors for choosing ski to hire :


Shorter skis are lighter to carry and can make quick turns but they are not friendly in steep slopes at higher speeds. Longer skis are chosen for the speedsters and experienced skiers. A simpler guide will be that the more experienced you are, long skis can be chosen. Long skis are as high as the person itself or within 3 inches of the height of the person. Shorter skis come from the ground to the chin level.


Just like humans, the skis can have “wider waist” or “thinner waist”. This factor is called “deep side cut” deeper implying “thinner at the middle” or “thinner waist” and “shallow side cut” implying “wider at waist”. Beginners can choose the “shallow side cut” types while more experienced can choose the other. The shallow side cut will provide more stability and smoother glide.


Skis come in different stiffness and all affect how we ski. Stiff ski is more difficult to control. To test the stiffness, one just has to flex the ski and if you try in different skis you can start feeling the difference in stiffness.

Try, try and try

Apart from the above factors, there is one more important aspect. One must try the ski before renting it. Unless the ski rental allows a trial, it is not worthy of being a customer with the rental company.

Want to buy ski’s?

Before buying an own ski, the same factors as above require careful weighing. An investment in ski is a long term investment and it is better made properly lest we have to regret later. The trial runs are for a cost. Some manufacturers give 2-3 demos per day for a decent price. But the ski manufacturers often give “free demo days” when the reps will also be available for discussion. During these days, we can try the skis for free though there will be hell of a crowd. But the hard work and time will be worth spending since we should spend money on a ski that is a pleasure.

Imagine choosing a shoe that is not fitting and trying to walk in it? The same applies to the ski if wrong choice is made. And it is for this reason that the “trials” and “demo runs” are given a big stress, especially when buying a ski.

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