Choosing A Snowboard

Choosing a snowboard is a difficult process and so it is advisable for learners to go for rented ones in earlier stages. Once they understand their requirements, it will be easy for them to strike at the snowboard that will suit them best. In arriving at the selection decision, the following factors are worth considering:

Choosing a snowboard
Cost considerations

The first consideration worth noting in any purchase is the amount the buyer is willing to part with for purchasing an article. There are boards available even at $150 but they can be used only to learn the basics and do not have much utility as they have a very simple design.

The price of snowboards varies:

  • $300 to $450 for entry level boards.
  • $450 to $ 699 for mid-range boards.
  • $700 and above for top-range boards.

Present skill level of buyer

The skill level of the buyer is a major determinant in guiding the purchase decision of the snowboard. According to the riding experience of the buyer, the requirements vary:

  • A newbie or a beginner can go in for entry level or mid-range board
  • Persons with intermediate and advanced skills who try tricks should opt for top end boards with intricate design.

Riding style

Depending upon his style, the user should make a choice for the snowboard. To understand our own style, we should first analyze where we spends most of the time:

  • If we spend most time in the park, then we are freestyle riders and should go in for the highly responsive and longer freestyle snowboards.
  • If the time is spent carving on mountains, we are free ride riders and should opt for shorter half-pipe boards that float well on powder.
  • All-mountain boards are best suited for doing all the styles.

Personality of User

The length of a Snowboard is measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The board with appropriate width can be found by standing on the board placed on flat ground. The personality of the user is highly relevant in choosing the right type of snowboard. For a person with average personality, the length of the snowboard should reach between the chin and nose of the user.

  • People who are light should go in for shorter, narrow and flexible boards which are easier to manage and initiate turns.
  • Heavier people should have longer, wider and less flexible boards.

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