Snowboard Stomp Pads

A stomp pad is defined as being “Stuck onto the board in front of the rear binding, a stomp pad is used to keep the rear foot in place when getting off a chair lift.”

Still not sure? Well either your board came with one, you got one free with your bindings, or you simply don’t have one (If it’s the latter, it’s your lucky day, we are here to advise you!)

When you are getting off the chair lift, the stomp pad gives you just enough grip to ensure you are able to maneuver yourself through the other snow bunnies who have fallen by the wayside.
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Snow Clothing Explained

snow outerwear

Choosing the correct clothing is quite simply the most important part of going snowboarding. You are subjecting yourself to extreme weather conditions including below zero temperatures, winds, rain, snow and more. Ensuring you have the right clothing is paramount. The ideal clothing should not only keep you warm, but also dry and protect from high winds all the while keeping you fresh and letting your body breathe.
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