Burton US Open on this Weekend

The 28th Burton US Open is happening over the weekend and as always its set to be a highly contested competition including many Olympic riders in their first contests after Vancouver 2010.

Burton US Open Half Pipe

It’s the final stop of the Burton Global Open Series and the title (plus a cool $50,000 cash) is up for grabs. Christian Haller (SUI) and Lisa Wiik (NOR) are currently in the lead for the BGOS titles.

The US Open is also the venue for the crowning of the annual TTR champion which this season has already gone to Peetu Piiroinen thanks to an unattainable lead.

Catch all the action live online at the Burton Open Snowboarding website over the weekend, viewing time’s are late but get your mates, grab some beers and check out some of the worlds best competitive snowboarding today. Webcast times:

11:45 Sat night – Slope finals
11:30 Sunday night – Pipe finals

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