Building Kickers

So you are a little over getting down the runs as quick as you can? Need something a little more challenging and exhilarating? Building your own jumps can be an easy and enjoyable experience, not to mention it allows you to take some great videos or pictures of your latest trick or stack!

snowboard kicker

So what are the things you need? The following are the key ingredients to making a great jump

  • Great snow! This is a given and without doubt the most important. Trust me, landing on hard, thin snow cover is not a lot of fun. Neither is trying to scrape snow together for a jump when in doing so you expose the dirt beneath.
  • Your hands or a shovel. Either will do really. A shovel will make things a little quicker but to be honest, it’s not so practical to carry a shovel down the mountain or a lift.
  • Courage. While making a jump it might not seem so big, but when you are flying down the mountain and hit the lip-you may find the air you get is bigger than you think. On the low down, a little liquid courage can sometimes be of assistance for some of the really high jumps!

So you have the tools, now what? Simple, but in case you are still wondering, we’ve laid them out below:

  • Scout a location. Don’t build a jump right on a tight corner or right before you get on chairlift! Be smart about it and build it in a position which allows for maximum momentum, a clear run towards the jump and a nice long landing.
  • Dig. That right, dig the snow and compact it in a large heap (Forming the jump) Look it’s not brain science, it’s simple – use as much or as little snow as you like
  • Pack it down. You really cant fly over a soft pile of snow, you will just run into it and crash. Compact the snow so it’s ready for you to hit it at speed and take flight
  • Wear a brain bucket. Going over jumps? Get a helmet. No excuses. You can great some great helmets now with cool features like internal beanie or inbuilt headphones. Take advantage of this coolness and protect your most valuable assets (Well only some of us should bother I guess)

Have fun, get air, but be safe. Building jumps is a great way to spend a day on the slopes with friends and will vastly improve your technique and confidence. Just remember one simple thing – don’t forget your helmet!

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