Bataleon has a really great  team, and in this latest edit you can see the best tricks and shots that the team has made over the past season-some amazing shots in here-worth the watch!

Bataleon Family Edit what!

edited by Circus
big thanks you to all the crews for collaborating on this:
Gulli Gudmundsson

Footage by: Pirate Movie Productions (

Ben Rice

Footage by: Comune ( / Ryan Scardigli

Chris Cunningham

Footage by: Ero One (

Antoine Baduel

Footage by: Ero One (

Juha Blid

Footage by: Coldfocus

Mitch Richmond

Footage by: Robert Bradford (, Tyler Chorlton, & L’Arrogs

Kyle Lopiccolo

Footage by: Robert Bradford (, Tyler Chorlton & L’Arrogs

Taylor Carlton

Footage by: Brian Reardon (, Robert Bradford, Tyler Chorlton & L’Arrogs

June Bhongjan

Footage by: Peepshow (

Madison Blackley

Footage by: Peeshow (

Brendan Keenan

Footage by: Sandbox (

Justin Lamoureux

Footage by: Justin Lamoureux

Mike Knobel

Footage by: Mike’s friends


Footage by: Robert Bradford (

Tore Holvik

Footage by: Process Films (

DBK – David Bertschinger Karg

Footage by: Isenseven (

Tyler Chorlton

Footage by: Pirate Movie Productions

Comet Gain – Love Without Lies

Archie Bronson Outfit – Cherry Lips

Sir Lord Baltimore – Pumped Up

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