Chumpy Pullin takes out SBX World Cup

Alex Pullin has miraculously taken out the Snowboard Cross World Championship for 2010-11 becoming Australia’s first Snowboard World Champion. 23 year old Pullin has been on the hunt for the illusive title since just missing out on last years World Championship to Pierra Vaultier (FRA) and crashing out in the final of the Winter Olympics after a flawless run into the final.

Despite qualifying fourth fastest, Pullin got off to a strong start and held his nerve over the 650m Spanish course in La Molina. Olympic Champion Seth Wescott and Nate Holland challenged Chumpy to the finish line, but the newly crowned World Champion would not let this one slip from his grasp. “I was able to bring in the best I can. Man, everyone was able to win this. Everyone was hungry for the title. It’s just amazing that I did it,”

The clearly elated Aussie was quick to bring his thoughts back home, “I’m so stoked. I hope this is a boost for all the kids back home thus building up a strong team for the future.”

This is Chumpy’s biggest win of his career and will no doubt bring some welcome exposure to the sport in Australia.

Final Standings – Mens SBX

1. Alex Pullin (AUS)

2. Seth Wescott (USA)

3. Nate Holland (USA)

Chumpy in scintillating form

3rd. Alex PULLIN 1st. Pierre VAULTIER 2nd. Seth WESCOTT

‘Chumpy’ Pullin has continued his great form in the Snowcross World Cup Season finishing a close 3rd in the final at Telluride, Colorado.  The back to back podium finishes sees the AIS Scholarship holder slide into 2nd on the World Cup rankings just 140 points behind Vaultier, who leads the competition.
Pullin suffered a bout of food poisoning leading into the event, but managed to keep his scintillating form and energy from Lech just a week ago. On his web blog Pullin says “this comp was hard work for me……. but I’m happy with how it turned out, some really fun heats”.
The final standings for the event at Colorado’s San Juan Mountains:
1. Pierre VAULTIER


3. Alex PULLIN
The current world cup standings:
1. Pierre VAULTIER – 1590 pts

2. Alex PULLIN – 1450 pts

3. Luca MATTEOTTI – 1280 pts

10. Seth WESCOTT – 800 (Current World Title  Holder)
This is Alex’s best start to a World Cup Season which he hopes to continue at the World Championships in LaMolina, Spain in under a month. In the meantime Pullin will enjoy a hard earned rest over Christmas – New Years before a grueling training block throughout January before heading to Spain.

Colorado's San Juan Mountains

Alex “Chumpy” Pullin scores a podium finish

Mt Buller’s ‘Chumpy’ Pullin has scored an amazing 2nd in the Snowboard Cross World Cup final in Lech, Austria.

In just his fifth podium finish of his career, Chumpy managed to make a miraculous turn around in fortune after being disqualified from the season opener just 24 hours before. The 23 year old was pipped at the post by Italian Luca Matteotti, who was able to grab the lead from Pullin just before the finish line. France’s Paul-Henri De le Rue was third.

Pullin paid tribute to his Italian rival after the race.

“It was a tough duel but it was lots of fun racing against Luca,” Pullin said.

“I made a tiny mistake and he was there doing everything right. He deserved the win.”

The podium finish puts Pullin 5th in the World Rankings and sees him in good stead to reach his dream of going one better than his World No. 2 ranking last year.

Pullin is now focused on continuing his success when the World Cup circuit lands in Telluride in the United States on December 15.

5 Ways to take advantage of the strong Aussie Dollar

Unless you’ve been locked away in a dungeon somewhere you will have noticed that the Australian dollar is edging closer and closer toward parity with the US dollar. “How does this happen?” and “What does this mean?” are two legitimate questions you’re probably asking subconsciously, however unless you are into politics or the financial markets the former question isn’t a topic that needs to be dealt with now. The real question is what does this mean for you and how can you take advantage of this rare situation.

If you are the opportunistic type, then you’ll never get a better opportunity to advantage of a few things I’ve listed below:

1. Luck is when opportunities knock and you answer!

To put the concept of dollar parity into perspective, this basically means that $1 Australian translates to $1 US. A year or two ago, if you were to trade Australian currency into US currency you would be looking at an immediate loss of about 30%. So straight away you were down on dollars and consequently getting less value for your money if you were to buy goods from the US for example. However, the good news start NOW!

Getting value for your dollar is now better than its been in recent history, so if you are on the hunt for a new board or snow accessories the US is the place to look. Thanks to the world wide web, we can grab a bargain without having to book a trip over there. Whats even more exciting is the northern hemisphere winter season is on the brink of kicking off and all the major brands have just released a host of fresh snow gear and technology.

Lets check out some of the savings us Aussies can advantage of at the premium online snow store like Dogfunk.

Capita Stairmaster Extreme Snowboard – US$429.95*

Approx. Cost in March 2009 – AUD$666.42

Approx. Cost in December 2010 – AUD$442.85*

Smith Variant Fuse Package – US$249.90*

Approx. Cost in March 2009 – AUD$385.70

Approx. Cost in December 2010 – AUD$251.50*

* These prices are indicative only and may vary. Prices do not include postage, taxes or any other fees that apply when importing goods.

So as you can see there are some huge savings to be had when buying online from the United States. There is no better time than now to grab yourself a sweet setup for another bumper snow season in 2011.

2. The world is your oyster!

Get traveling baby!

From Alpes d’Huez to Whistler, Mammoth Mountain to Coronet Peak and everything in between, the world’s alps are a few dollars closer.

You may not see the full extent of what the dollar is doing to flight costs out of Australia, but when you hit foreign land its a whole other story. It would be hard to believe that a trip to the European Alps or American Alps isn’t on everyones agenda, but in the past the cost outweighs ambition and its shifted back yet another year to when you can afford it.

Well you can now afford it! Not only have travel costs come into the affordable category, but you can now stay in nicer accom for less, eat better chow, drink better beer and maybe add a little ‘extreme’ spice to your boarding adventure like…..heli-boarding?

So stop dreaming start booking.

3. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Whilst you are off galavanting around the worlds sweetest peaks and living the holiday lifestyle its a sensational time to dig deep into the unusual basket by getting into impulsive buying. Typically everyone buys themselves a new camera to record all the fun and antics of their travels, which I might add is a great time to do it, however how many of your mates want to see average stills of a place they want to be but couldn’t make it?

Capture the moment and the movement through the eyes of the beholder! Yep, get yourself a head-cam. Lofty prices have typically been associated with this growing trend, but through the high dollar and cheaper and better technology you can score yourself an everlasting ride that you and your mates can revisit for years to come. Who knows, you might become the next youtube sensation!

4. Chewing Gum for the eyes

If traveling doesn’t suit your schedule and you’ve landed yourself a sweet board setup in the season just gone, then the only option is to sit back and wait til season 2011 comes around. What better way to wait it out than watching the worlds best boarders from the Northern hemisphere on a brand new big screen. Electronics are amongst the first consumables to see the effects of global financial ups and downs and right now us Aussies are on the good end for once.

5. We grow too soon old and too late smart

And finally, this is one for longevity! It always seems to be the case that a friend of a friend has a share in an alpine apartment or perhaps a long lost Uncle has some lavish alpine get-away, but it always seems too far out of your realm to grasp. Now’s your time to lash out and invest your way into snowy heaven. Invest in a little local hut or even a luxury Whistler resort. It may seem like a massive leap with mountains of legalities, but when you weigh up the benefits it could well be the prime opportunity to reap the double barrel benefits. Firstly the strong dollar investment and secondly the financial windfall you’ll see when you sell it.

DownHill Snowboard – App Review

iPhone App Review

DownHill Snowboard
If Angry Birds is your cup of tea, then DownHill Snowboard will definitely sit comfortably in your iphone app library. Brimming with quirky pop cartoon graphics and absurd “rag doll” game play you could be forgiven if you thought this little package was taking the piss out of our beloved snowboarding legacy. Fortunately though the creators, Coolabs, took this alternative direction, steering well away from the complications of the third dimension, and successfully concocted old school Super Mario with a dash of physics exam into a crazy snowboarding bonanza.
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Snowboard with Sal Masekela

iPhone App Review
Spinfast Snowboarding presented by Sal Masekela

The face of action sports Sal Masekela has teamed up with Perth based Aussie developers Spinfast to create an exciting addition to the array of snowboarding games available on the iTunes App store.

Entitled Snowboard with Sal Masekela, available on both iPhone and iPad devices, the game immediately immerses you into the snowboarding world of Mammoth Mountain, California, USA. Delivering some excellent imagery on introduction, Spinfast successfully captures the imagination of any snowboard fanatic but perhaps conversely sets a strange tone with the sound track selection.

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Awesome August keeps firing

August, which has been dubbed ‘Awesome August’ by many snow goers, is continuing to provide fantastic fresh falls which we haven’t seen for a number of years. All of the main ski resorts across Victoria and New South Wales are recording major snow falls which is now proving critical to the success of the 2010 season. It seems ‘Awesome August’ should also be known as ‘August The Deliverer’ following the spiteful falls throughout June/July. Continue reading “Awesome August keeps firing”