More Snow On Its Way From Today

After the amazing season saving dumps we experienced last week, the Alpine and Snowy Mountain regions are expecting another snow bearing cold front to pass through over the coming days.

Seasoned snow forecaster Pete Taylor of Snowatch has predicted approx 10cm to fall each day over the coming 3 days. Here is his outlook:

The clouds should start to roll in across the mountains today with showers on the lower slopes and snow up high. It’s hard to pick the exact snow level with this system and it may go up and down during the day. As I tpe it’s currently snowing here at Smiggins at 1600m. Tomorrow most of the moisture looks like sitting just to the west of the resorts and as such Wednesday now only looks like bringing light snow.

A weak front should arrive on the 15th that should bring light snowshowers only across the 15th-17th.

There is another system due around the 20th but at this stage it’s difficult to tell if it will bring snow or showers. There is potential for this to build into something big if the highs in front and behind weaken slightly as the system moves across the mainland. It’s one to keep an eye on.

After that the 25th-26th looks promising for more snowfalls.

The Bureau of Meteorology is also predicting the white stuff to hit over the coming days, check below for their region specific forecast:

Snowy Mountains Forecast
Victorian Alpine Forecast

Happy shredding folks!

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