anon Launches iPhone Lens Visualiser

BURLINGTON, VT- anon optics is proud to unveil its first iPhone App, now available for free through the iTunes App Store. The standout feature of the new anon App is the industry’s first-ever live-view ‘Lens Visualiser’ tool that lets riders virtually test which anon lens is best at any given location in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how anon’s exclusive virtual tool works: Once a rider selects the anon Lens Visualiser, their iPhone will use the camera lens as a view finder to capture their actual surroundings. Then, riders can point the phone at whatever they want (say the base lodge or the mountain) and see how it would look under six different anon lens tints. The tool allows riders to swipe from the darkest to lightest lens tint so they can see which color lens they prefer for the day’s conditions.

In addition to the Lens Visualiser, the new anon App also features three more sections called ‘Goggles’, ‘Tech’ and ‘Team’. The Goggles section includes photos and descriptions of all current anon styles, including all the details on the brand new Hawkeye Primary Color Collection, available Jan in super limited quantities at select anon dealers. A shop locator is also available in the Goggles section so riders can find the nearest store that carries anon. In the Tech section, riders will find clear definitions of standout features like anon’s spherical lens technology™ and dual triple density face foam. And last but not least, the Team section features bios and photos of all pro riders sponsored by anon.

To see all these amazing features for yourself and to preview the super limited Hawkeye Primary Color Collection, download the new anon App today on iTunes.

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