5th Annual Cattleman’s Rail Jam Riders Announced

The 5th Annual Mt Buller Cattleman’s Rail Jam is upon us and as huge lineup of riders have been officially announced.


  • Jye Kearney
  • Robbie Walker
  • Tom Pelley
  • Andy Lloyd
  • Chris DeCampo
  • Darragh Walsh
  • Jason Maxfield
  • Tim Laidlaw
  • Pete Long
  • Matt Sedunary
  • Mitch Williams
  • Mark Amadio

Wildcard entries are available

If you consider yourself a chance, you can try out for one of 4 wild card entries!


Burton Demo tent, Sat 10th July at 9.00am in the Mt Buller Village square.
Qualifications: 12pm in the Mt Buller Park
Enquiries: (02) 9935 9000

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