5 Feats of Snowboard Innovation

Technology is changing everyday. New products come out, new board designs are released, and clothing that was ‘in’ last season is now on the ‘do not wear’ list.

Transworld Snowboarding recently checked out 4 pieces of must have Snowboard tech that will have you rushing out to spend some Ben Franklin.

100 Days Of Winter

All About The Benjamins

Kicking things off is a strong candidate for snowboard App of the year. The Rome Snowboards 100 Day Tracker counts your days on the hill, publishes your photos, and adds in all kinds of mad extras (including weather, crew, tricks, runs, snowfall, etc) about your season for the ultimate winter yearbook—all from your iPhone or iPod Touch. What’s more, you can watch ShredTV videos, check out local shops, and when the logging is done and the touch screen glosses over like a Jersey Shore nightclub on industry night, you can torture your 8 a.m.-class-having-friends by publicly sharing all the juicy details right on RomeSnowboards.com.

The 100 Day Tracker is easy to use, fun to play around with, and doesn’t require cell service or Wi-Fi to get ‘er done.

Oh, and it’s 100% free. Holler.

OV Me, Baby

Find Your Way Back Into The Storm

Everyone and their mom has a POV cam these days. Love ‘em (epic snow day) or hate ‘em (forced to watch your buddy’s epic snow day), their uses are a-plenty, with personal (uploading pow footy), professional (filming HD video projects), and even, well, private (um … never mind …) applications proving them to be both impressive and versatile shred capture tools.

But wait. Can your “must-share mini-cam” shoot pro-level HD—while simultaneously keeping logs on your elevation, location, riding speed, etc—and then continue to seamlessly share your badass straightline (/ragdoll) adventures with the world? Not ’til you pick up one of these little black beauties, Betty.

The Contour HD GPS documents your travels while you shred, with exclusive software to edit and boast with once the day is done.


Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride …

Shred-ometer. Vail Resorts Inc. debuted EpicMix this season, their on-hill geo-tracking and sharing system for every slash, hike, ride, and exploratory mission out on the slopes. Radio (RFID) chips are planted into all season passes and PEAKS tickets at Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge, and Heavenly, communicating with computers (we don’t what kind or where. We assume Big Brother is involved …) to track your vertical, laps, days, and much more. The EpicMix info then transfers to your online social page, where you can win badges for completing goals (five rides on the T-Bar wins you the “Mr. T” badge), track your progress, and size up with all the other shred-hounds in Vail-land.

No assembly required—all you have to do is shred, and the chips will take care of the rest.

We Are Here, To App You Up

You ever get tired of driving to the hill, only to find out that all of the lifts are on wind hold or today was scheduled for a full park rebuild? Yeah, us too. But you’re in luck (!), as many resorts have jumped on the App train and developed their own digital means of enhancing your snowboard season.

Resorts such as Mountain HighJackson HoleSnowbirdMammothCamp Of ChampionsRide Utah, and several others have created iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Apps to deliver up-to-the-minute conditions, maps, lift status, cams, event info, loyalty programs, and tons more right to your fingertips. Click the links to download.

Sorry bud, your home mountain doesn’t have one yet? Hell—it’s 2011! Tell those kooks to get on it!

In the meantime … check iTunes often for updates, as more and more resorts will be releasing their own Apps as the season gets on. Search “Snowboard” or “Ski Resort”, and browse the listings.

Full article: http://snowboarding.transworld.net/1000142247/featuresobf/fresh-tracks-2/4/

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