5 Christmas Gifts Under $50

With under 2 weeks left before Christmas now is the perfect time to start thinking gifts! Actually, you should have started a while ago but if you’ve got yourself to this situation and still have no idea then rest assured Snowlife has got the great ideas covered. For the snowboarder who has everything, here are 5 awesome Christmas gifts all under $50.

DAKINE Deluxe Tune Tuning Kit – $44.95

This little sucker has everything you need to keep your ride in top shape. It comes with edging tools, scrapers and so contained within a sweet zip up case. Never get caught out again and don’t bother paying others to keep your ride sweet, with this kit you’ll be covered.

Skullcandy Agent Headphones – $44.95

What better way to chill out on the hill then with your favorite beats banging out of your brand new Skullcandy head phones? These are a hot item all year round but come winter they become more than a sound device, they become a statement! And there is no better way to make that statement than with Skullcandy.

DAKINE Alpine Backpack – $44.95

Give the gift of convenience with this Dakine backpack. They don’t want to lug everything around but when storage looks this good, who doesnt. It doesn’t go overboard but has just enough to keep you moving while shredding the day away. Most importantly it’s a slim design which has been made with riding specifically in mind so you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Neff Rover Glove – $34.95

Now who wouldn’t get stoked on this gift?! Neff create some of the most unique looks in headwear today and they have taken that same approach to the spring glove. Perfect for those sunny spring days these gloves fit so good you’ll be texting your bro’s without even taking them off. Yep they are that comfortable!

DAKINE Goggle Case – $19.95

Finally, for the snowboarder who literally does have everything why not give them a goggle case! They are one of those items that once you use them, you’ll wonder how you ever went without. Keeping your goggles safe during travel is super important, you spend enough on them, why not spend a little more to keep them safe?

So there you have it, 5 simple gifts for a snowboarder all under $50. Buying a gift for a snowboarder is easy but you definitely can get stuck. You don’t need to fork out a couple hundred to get them some fresh gear and I’ve been stoked to show you kind folk 5 ways today. So Merry Christmas to all and happy holiday shopping!

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  1. I like that backpack. I have always been borderline on whether I need one or not-but after a few close calls nearly losing my wallet and phone its about time I invest I think 🙂

  2. Have been tossing up whether to get a bag to take on the mountain and after a few close calls last season its about time I invest I think 🙂

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