2012 Flow Solitude Review

Flow might be known for their bindings but they actually make some real solid decks as well. The Solitude is their crowning achievement in big mountain versatility and having a rider like Mike Basich endorsing it you know this thing is going to haul.

Board: Flow Solitude

Size: 164

Camber Option: Pow Rocker. Two cambered areas and a low mellow reverse camber with a convex base.

Bindings: Flow NXT FSE

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB Size 10

My Weight: 165

Preconceived Notions: You never know what you’re going to get with a Flow deck these days they’re off being mad scientists putting god knows what inside these things. It could be a death sled it could be a stunt stick. All I know was that it had Grizzly Bears and Mike Basich rocks it.

Flex: It’s a big mountain board how do you think it flexed? The nose was the softest part of this deck going back to a stiffer tail with some serious torsional stiffness.

Stability: Not a damp ride but still a charging beast. The softer nose with the upturn let you plow through chop and get on top of the snow.

Ollies/Pop: Not the poppiest big mountain/pow/free ride board out there but it got the job done when snapping off rollers and cat tracks.

Butterability: The nose was soft enough to spin around on while pressing.

Cruising: The edge initiation on this board is phenomenal it would roll over easy then lock in and rail. Deep hard turns weren’t an issue at all as were mellow slacker carves.

Jibbing: I tapped a small sapling and that was the equivalent of jibbing. I might have ridden down a rock face too but I dont’ think we can count that.

Rider in Mind: The guy that’s going to be charging pow, lines, and laying trenches on the groomed. This board isn’t for a candy ass jib kid it’s a manly mans board. This deck will cause folk lore tails to be told and make women lust after the guy that charged a line on it.

Personal Thoughts: For pow slashing and dropping things I don’t think you could go wrong at all. It’s no wonder why Mike Basich is riding this deck now as it fits the type of rider profile he is.

What They Say: Flow Snowboards brings you speed, agility, and precision with the newly redesigned Solitude.

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