10 ways you know you’re riding in Australia

Snowboarding in Australia is a downright unique thing to do. When you compare riding in places like Europe, North America and Japan, it’s easy to find differences and the Aussie culture really stands out.

So, for no particular reason other than a bit of fun, here are 10 ways you know for sure, you’re riding in Oz.

  1. You’re broke before you ride the first chair – Ok we all love to complain about it and yes we do have some of the highest priced lift tickets in the world, but gee don’t you think you get your monies worth? Well, most days at least!
  2. You have to dodge rocks on piste in peak season –Season snowfalls like the US? Powder like Japan? Maybe not, but we do get some consistent falls and a heap of man-made but sometimes this isn’t enough. Rest assured though the lifties will let you know if there are some exposed rock down a run – just think of them as added obstacles of fun!

    Ok, so this may have been late season but the run was definitely open!
  3. The time in lift lines is longer than time riding – Weekends during peak season are killers, but hey it’s when most of us are finally free of work. If you spending time waiting at the bottom of a chair, your most likely in Oz!
  4. You eat poutine for lunch (ok this could be in Canada too!) – I’msure lots of you can relate to this, especially Buller riders. Poon, as it’s commonly known as, is probably the cheapest meal on the mountain – but if you ask me it’s also the best! Must be the Canadian influence is us Aussies.

    If you ask me, Kooroora at Mt Buller do it best - with bacon bits!
  5. There are more snowboarders than skiers – Sure to raise debate but snowboarding has been the popular choice of many newbies in recent years and now thanks to Torah Bright we could see a little more this coming season.
  6. You are soaking wet by the end of the day – Let’s not kid ourselves, our snow isn’t as dry as others.
  7. You’re jibbing a wombat – Cause hell, if a wombat was cruising down a run, I’d try jib it ha.
  8. You always carry chains but have no idea how to use them cause you never have – Tell the truth, how many times have you actually had to fit chains? You get the demo each time you hire but never listen – cause you know you’ll never have to use them!

    Demonstrations that we all ignore
  9. Getting the gondola is a luxury – Ah the gondola. I can admit letting a few chairs pass for the upcoming gondola on those windy wet days. Little do we realise almost every chair in Europe is a gondola.
  10. Every single person on the hill is smiling – Despite the little imperfections we all find in riding in Australia, we are all a bunch of optimistic, highly enthused, super socialable and stoked Aussie riders. We simply love the shit. We don’t have the best of conditions but we always have the best vibe, the best parties, the best crews and the best of times!

I’m sure heaps of you reading this are thinking of all the little things that reminds you of a typical Aussie day at the snow, the above are simply mine! If you think about it, there are actually heaps of them – and we’d love to hear them! Add your own ‘way you know your riding is Oz’ in the comments below. We’ll send the best response some free stuff we have lying around the office!

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  5. How you know you’re riding in Australia? You’ll always see snowboarders rolling down the hill, skis flying everywhere and some people will wear ski gear and skies that are no longer seen anywhere in the world! Australia is the only place on earth where people will actually go skiing on a rainy day and enjoy it!

  6. I agree Steve – O. Mashed potato snow arvos and beers with the crew for apres is just the ticket!

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