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The World Snowboarding Championships (WSC) is the first championships run by snowboarders since 1999. It is developed and owned by the Ticket To Ride (TTR) and World Snowboard Federation (WSF). It’s organized by Snowboard-VM 2012 AS – the local organizing company owned by The Arctic Challenge, The Norwegian Snowboard Federation and Oslo Vinterpark. The WSC got a full backing by the global snowboard community as expressed by the unanimous vote at the TTR and WSF general assemblies in Barcelona, May 2010.

WSC is the new pinnacle event of snowboarding and will be held every four year on great snowboarding locations around the world. It is a freestyle event only with halfpipe and slopestyle as main formats. In Oslo 2012, a monster quarterpipe event in the legendary Holmenkollen ski jumping arena, will kickstart the finals.

The WSC is not only a championships, but a part of the TTR World Snowboard Tour. Snowboarding is not about crowning an Olympic or World Champion every four year, but a daily endeavor for youth around the planet. With a 6 star tiering, the WSC falls in line with the united forces of snowboarding; nurturing the grass roots activity in lower tier events to cast the shining lights on the superstars of our progressive sport. In the riders eyes, winning the tour will always be prestigious – reflecting the risk and achievements over a full season.

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March 30th, 2011

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