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Snowboard queen Torah Bright is about to become the latest top Aussie athlete to earn US citizenship after her June 5th Wedding to Jake Welch.The American – who snowboards off remote terrain – trekked Down Under last September to meet Bright’s parents, Marion and Peter, in Cooma before popping the question.

“Jake came and met us in Cooma and did it the old-fashioned way, which was really sweet,” Marion said. The pair tied the knot in Salt Lake City, Bright’s competition base. Bright was joined by her parents, family, and friends, including many pro snowboarders (Including our Mate Louie Vito) in the relaxed garden ceremony.

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June 12th, 2010

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    iam a really big fan of u haha lol

  • Nia 97

    OMG i love torah bright, she is so pretty and i look up to her! Love you torah!!! xxx

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