Snowatch Long Range Forecast – 19 May

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If there is one forecast worth watching it surely has to be Pete Taylors, also known as ‘the Frog’ from He has just updated another long range forecast and the predicition shows some positive signs in the week leading up to opening weekend. Looks like we’re in for a strong start to the season.

Here is ‘The Frogs’ forecast:

With a high pressure system sitting over the SE of the country we should see mainly fine and sunny days through til Sunday. Nights should be cold enough for snowmaking during this time.

There is a weak cold front due on Sunday 22nd that could bring some showers at first followed by light snowfalls on the higher areas above around 1500-1700m on the 23rd-24th. At this stage it looks like around 5-10cm but that could possibly increase if we can see some colder air added to the mix from the S-SW on the 24th. Will have to wait another day for confirmation.

High pressure stystems will take over after this and bring mostly stable weather through to around the 31st before we see some light showers activity 31st-1st. Following that what looks to be a much stronger and colder system should arrive around 3rd of June and we could see some good snowfalls around the 4th-7th.

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May 18th, 2011

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